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It is not know when he passed on. Nor are names known. If you found this family in any of your research or any of this information rings a bell, please contact me. I have been looking for 18 years. I can be reached at: bcagirl hotmail. Looking to find the family and ancestors of Philip and his father John Munro, also the location of the parish of St Dennis, possibly in Ross-shire:"Philip Munro, soldier of the 78th Scottish Regiment, at the siege of Quebec in , was the son of John [Munro] and of Charlotte Leblanc, of the parish of St.

Dennis, Ross-shire, Scotland. He married in [marriage] contract [witnessed or signed by] Fortier, 10 June [] to Charlotte Girard, daughter of Louis [Girard] and of Charlotte Jourdain. Jean Monroe aka John Munro m. Philippe Monroe aka Philip Munro m. Charlotte Monroe or Munro m. Marguerite Monroe or Munro m.

Magloire Monroe or Munro m. Archange Monroe or Munro m. Joseph Monroe or Munro m. Anastasie Monroe or Munro m. Hello: Would any of your info include Archibald and Catherine nee Campbell? They are my g-g-g-grandparents from Scotland. They settled in Euphemia Township in Ontario, Canada. The area would be around Alvinston or there abouts.

Archibald was born around and died around 29 Jan I don't have the date of her death yet. She was still alive in as far as I can tell. A couple of their children are: Donald born in and Dugald born in If you could let me know if any of this matches what you have could you please let me know. Cheers,Leigh Ann. Why did Hugh Munroe come to Quebec? His wife, Janet Allan, had been born near Thurso, Caithness-shire in and died in They apparently farmed at a place called South Ely, which is no longer on Quebec maps.

When we were in Inverness and the Black Isle last July, we came across reference to an Alexander Munroe, who seemed to be related. It is possible that, born in the early s and being a rebel by nature, he was threatened by the Clearances. Black faced sheep were being introduced into the highlands and young Alexander, hot of head, stole one to get his own back on the laird Hugh Munro of Novar. Munro the change of spelling took place in Canada who appears in the records to have been hanged in Inverness at about that time.

This may be a clue to the emigration of Findlay Munroe and his infant son Hugh to Canada, and a date in the mids when they sailed. It might be possible that our ancestor Findlay had a brother Alexander, who was caught up in the quarrel in Culrain and, for some reason, stole a sheep from this estate, was caught and strung up. Why he acted, and how he was caught and suffered, we perhaps will never know.

He would have moved westward to Loch Broom, in search of a passage to Canada, and in an ironic twist named the son who was born there after the laird who in effect caused the murder of his brother. We would appreciate any information or opinions that can help us fit the pieces of this family puzzle more neatly together.

Some of us are planning on attending this Gathering as we have very much enjoyed joining with 'our cousins' for the past several years. I have been doing some research on the Mechanics Institute of Montreal, founded in He was active in the organization for some years before and after his presidency. Mar Edinburgh to Jane Barnet; they had three sons and three daughters; he died 5 Oct in Montreal, QC Thank you for any information you might be able to provide. I'm rather stuck on my Banffshire Munros's.

Boyndie, Banffshire, Scotland-? Don Norris. I am trying to piece together a family tree for 'the Winnipeg Beauty', Mona Munro. Mona was the daughter of Rebecca and Archibald Munro. She had a brother, Norman, and she was 24 when she married Jim Kilgour in ; they had a daughter, June. Mona Jean Munro was born in and died in For those of you with an interest in your family tree, Jo Ann has been setting up a data base on computer with information from members. She also has access to the genealogical information from Clan Munro Association — US Branch and can search there for any info or links.

Hello there, this is just a spontaneous enquiry re. Alistair married Margaret, approx: , I believe he and Margaret were on the second ship to sail into Canada through the St. Laurence River. I would so very much to make contact with Alistair or family member just to exchange memories of the old times, although I was only a child when Alistair and Margaret left Scotland I do have fond memories of the time I did know them.

Hope to hear from some one soon, Enjoy the day, Louise nee Munro. South Australia. Hello, my name is Colin and I am a Munro. I would very much like to research more about my family history. I have some data going back 3 or 4 generations but not a lot. I would like to go back as far as possible. I would very much like your help My great grandfather Peter Munro came to Canada from Scotland in the late 's, I believed he settled in Owen Sound area. His wife's name was Annie Watson. Peter was a stone mason, he cut and shipped the bricks to help build old city hall in Toronto.

That was a very famous story in Scottish history. Peter's father's name was John Munro. That is about all I know for now. She was born ?. Died Flanders, NJ, 1 March In , Robert Sr. OR; W. Robert C. Shaw of Suckassuny, NJ; Mrs. Sarah R. Dusten no location given. I would appreciate any information concerning any of the people listed above.

Hi my name is Kathy. I am looking for information on my great-Aunt's husband Charlie Munroe. Here is what I know. Uncle Charlie was from Canada maybe near Toronto possibly Brantford. He came to Detroit and worked in a tool and die shop. They dated for thirty years before getting married. He was born about in Canada. Shirley and Charlie eloped to Bowling Green, Ohio about Charlie loved to camp and golf. He was a favourite in our family. Everyone loved Charlie but the 30 year courtship is a mystery.

I wonder if he had another family in Ontario? If you can shed some light on this please let me know. Thank you, Kathy. Searching for any info. Durness d. I am not quite sure where to begin We have lost touch in mid seventies, I have later spent many years in Nigeria, and ended up in Canada in Recently, as my children have grown and I have become a widow, I am catching up with a lot of old friends trough the power of internet. One day I typed Jim's name into a Google search and found out sadly that he had died in , at the age of I was wondering if you can suggest any way of finding out any more details?

If I were to travel to the UK, I would certainly want to visit his resting place, as well as the one of his mother. The last time I have seen Jim, I believe he still lived in Folkestone and was teaching in an all boys school in Ashford, but Lily was already gone, having had died of cancer in Thank you in advance, Eva Wojdylo nee Oleszkiewicz. Can anyone help? I am looking for anyone that is related to a Mr. Munroe from Nova Scotia. His name is Gordon Munroe. They had two children together, Gwen and David.

They moved to St. Catharines Ontario. They separated when Gwen was about 3 yrs old she will be 58 this July. David 61 on his next birthday spent a lot of time in Nova Scotia when he was a young boy and had TB when he was younger. Hopefully this help. I don't know where he died. Or where he is buried. I am trying to find information about my family. My great grandfather was Dr. John Alexander Munroe from Delkeith, Ontario Canada who were decedents from Foulis castle Scotland I would appreciate if you could send me some information.

Thanks Marj Powers. Catherine Munro born c. Father was John Munro, mother Christy. Catherine married Alexander Macdonald abt. The family moved to Tiny Twp, Simcoe Co. Hi, My name is Megan Jean Munro. I live in Oakville, ON, Canada. I am looking for some of my Munro family. My father was Born in Ontaria but did live in Winnipeg. If you know my family, I would love to hear from you because I would love to get to know your family's history.

He presumably died before , as she went to Canada as a Loyalist and was known as 'Catharine Leech', widow. According to Burkes Coloniel Gentry he was a cadet of Foulis. He was removed from his native country on appointment to the Earl of Caithness in and settled in Farr, Armadale, Sutherlandshire. He married Barbara MacKay in about He later became a boat builder and carpenter. He and Barbara had 8 children: James b. Hi there clan Munro. I have been tracing my family line and have come to a stop on my fathers male line. I am looking for information about a John Munro b ,Scotland.

Married Mary Raeburn 19 Jan in Scotland. If anyone can help I would really appreciate it. Hello to all of Clan Munro. I am a resident of Vancouver, BC and have a question about kilts. I am to be married in the coming summer and am looking into having a kilt made for the wedding. Only trouble is that I am having trouble finding somewhere to have it done here. It is important that it is done properly, 14 yards and all.

Does anyone out there have any suggestions for me? Thank you! I am looking for information on my mother's family. His parents were George and Mary Cassey Munro. They came to Canada from Glasgow. Their parents were George and Catherine Munro. Does anyone know anything more?

Hello from London, England. I am researching a member of my Monro family who emigrated to Canada in He died in He was my great uncle. In his obituary it is stated that he was a direct descendant of the House of the Clan Monro. I am looking for any information I can find about his father John James Monro who I believe had five siblings, and also about his own children, of which there were three - Kenneth, Robert and Mackenzie Monro.

Any help gratefully received. Thanks Sarah. Hi, my name is Richard Wm. Michie Sr. I am trying to find any information possible about that. I also understand, my family line, on her side, goes back into the s. I do have information on some names and places, but dates only go back to about , when her father was born in Lemlair, a farm on Foulis estate. Her mother was Janette McLennan. So far, that's as far back as I've gotten. Grand mother married James Michie, in Sharon,Connecticut, date unknown. They met there after emigrating from Scotland, and I don't know when they emigrated.

As far as I know, they did not know each other prior to then. My grandfather was born in Banff,in, no further info as yet. I will need to contact Clan Forbes! For info on Grandfather. Any one having any information on the Dingwall Sept, I would like to hear from you. Seamus Hasson wrote about us in Issue 11 Benbradagh. He made a scant mention of the "Algiers McCloskeys" that branch of which I am a member. Algiers is a part of New Orleans, but, separated by the Mississippi River.

We all hail from Dungiven and Derry and are ancestors to the O'Cahans. And, yes, we are related to Hugh McCloskey, buried at the cemetery of St. Patrick's Church, Dungiven. Would like to hear from you and "The Winding Roe". He married Annie Menzies. That family lived at 5 Gower Street, Tain. George emigrated to Saskatchewan in with eldest son, David. The rest of the family came in Kenneth's parents were Donald Munro and Catharine Sinclair. Does anyone have information on this family? Hi, I'm currently tracing my family tree and wonder if anyone here can help. Don't know much about where they came from in Scotland or who Johns parents were.

I know that they moved to Australia in the early to middle of 's. Maybe even just before Could anyone help? Hi: I am wondering if anyone knows if women were brought to Upper Canada in the 's for wives of Settlers. My father believed they came over on a boatload of women for such a reason but he did not have any proof.

Can anyone one answer that question for me. Also was Elizabeth and Margaret sister? I would appreciate any help you can provide me. Thanks Mary. And they had Catherine ,James , Mary , Donald , Duncan [my gr-grandfather] Isabella and another Catherine They all worked on or around the ship yards. With exception of James he was a school master.

Would appreciate hearing from anyone connected to this family. Greetings from Belfast. I am a member of a small group of writers who issue a magazine each year at Dungiven Co. Derry on the Roe valley, called The Winding Roe. We are aware that there is ongoing research on the origins of the Munros clan and the Roe Valley Co.

Derry is mentioned. We have a small website at www. We have also some images of the area on the website and we change these from time to time. Best wishes to you all. Higgins Belfast. Hey there, I'm currently out of Canada, trying to become a part of the association. I'm starved for info on my ancestors, my father David Munro, has many ties to Scotland and Australia.

So I'm hoping this shall be a grand experience. Taken from my gt grandmother's diary: "My grandmother, Margaret, was the daughter of a Captain Richards and her only brother, Samuel Richards was also in the Royal Navy, but died comparatively young. Margaret's mother was the daughter of Sir Hector Munro of Novar in Rosshire, but marrying against her father's consent, he had nothing more to do with her. The title is now extinct, the estate in my time was owned by a Mrs. Butler-Johnstone and has now passed into the hands of Mr. Munro Fergusson, M. He was buried at Kensal Green in ,after dying unexpectedly, One more thing to add to this puzzle is Her name wouldn't have been Butler-Johnstone Munro, would it??

Thank you for any suggestions, Virginia. I am looking for any descendents of Sir Hugh Munro of Fowlis. I believe he had some children out of wedlock or in a marriage considered illegal and that I may be related to them. The name du Preez Green in Canada may be connected. Please contact me - this is driving me crazy! I have documentation on these 3 sons: Peter , Malcolm, and Dugald. I am interested in information regarding Captain George Munro of Culcairn, captain of one of Lord Loudoun's Independent Companies during the Rebellion of , in the years previous to that rebellion.

I understand he fought for the government against the Jacobites in at Glenshiel. I would be interested to hear from anyone who has any ancestral links to the following. David Monro, b. I know the names of their wives and several siblings. I do not know of any emigration to N. America, but it may well have happened.. Do not worry about Munro-Monro spelling diffs. Anyone have record of him? He married Nancy McKay in What is his wife's name and the names of their other children. Who were their parents? My father was Alexander Munro b Bridgeton, Glasgow.

Caldwell in the 's and returned to Canada. My Munro's were in Banffshire, Aberdeenshire then moved to the Glasgow area in the 's. Cheers CC. Looking for some history of the Munro's from Fitzroy harbour. Cecil Munro was my great grandfather and Keith Munro my grandfather. Do not have many pictures or background on the family. We are searching for other descendants from Harman's gr-gr grandfather Alexander Munro b: July 17, , Co. Inverness and descendants of Alexander's brother Donald Munro b: Oct 26, , same. Alexander arrived in Canada about to work as a clerk for the Hudson's Bay Co.

Donald came about the same time. Looking for family members. I know that he married Sarah McQuater and had 8 children that I know of. What I am trying to find is someone who maybe related to him or his family, He had a brother James Munro born in Dec of , Donald Munro born in Sept of Plus his sisters Catherine, Mary and Isabella. Isabella, I know married a Lamont but have no info on the others would appreciate hearing from anyone with information. Included are photographs of Burnett School in Webster County, and miscellaneous items pertaining to the communities of Linneus, Lockwood, and Seymour in Missouri.

Burnett, May's great-uncle, discusses his retirement from the Pacific Bank in , his financial investments and his family, and inquires about Missouri relatives. Burnstein, Louis, Family Papers, c. The materials were compiled by Louis Burnstein; the family histories were compiled and written by Louis Burnstein and Mollie Pitluck Burnstein. The collection documents the experiences of Jewish families who migrated to the Missouri and Kansas areas of the United States in the early twentieth century.

Diary includes brief daily entries on weather, wind direction, farming and family activities, and visitors. Burt, Richard W. Letters on army life during the Mexican War and the Civil War. Letters include descriptions of battles of Fort Donelson, Shiloh and Vicksburg. Scrapbook contains clippings from Burt's Progressive Age, Coshocton, Ohio, clippings of his letters regarding the Mexican and Civil Wars, and other miscellaneous clippings.

Burwell was a prominent Kansas City banker and real estate broker. Primarily photographs of the Burwell and Tate families, including studio portraits and exterior and interior shots of the Burwell's lates home. Also included are a scrapbook, newspaper clippings, and other family papers. Busch, Carl Papers, , K 6 cubic feet Busch was a composer, educator, founder of an early symphony, and for fifty years the most noted musician in Kansas City.

Included are his musical compositions, and works by other composers that Busch added to, transcribed, edited, and gave or received as gifts. Also correspondence from Busch's friends and colleagues, and from relatives in Europe, most of which are written in German and Danish, photographs and artifacts. Bush, Sarah Lewis Family Papers, , K 1 cubic foot Correspondence, newspaper clippings, and other documents regarding members of Bush's family: Dr.

Lewis, educators in Kansas City. Butler, George M. The papers consist of surveyor's notes, correspondence, military commission certificates, and financial records. The collection includes a land record, military pension papers, birth and marriage records, and five photographs of some of the individuals noted in the documents.

Cahoon, Benjamin B. The papers concern the land business, litigation in progress, and state politics. There are several letters from Missouri governors and officials, and Cahoon's biographical sketch of Judge William Carter. There is also an original photograph of Cahoon, Cairns, Mary Margaret , Papers, , C 1. The papers consist mostly of photographs and slides relating to her travels, as well as travel notes, postcards, and brochures from places she visited. The collection also contains materials concerning the family burial plots at the Huntsville Cemetery in Huntsville, Missouri and relating to her retirement party from Sears.

Caldwell Family, Papers, C 4 folders Papers of a Greene County, Missouri, family; tax and other receipts; estate inventory, ; farm book and patent medicine advertisement. Caldwell-Steele Family, Letters, , C 1 folder Three letters and one bill of sale for property. Letters discuss education, politics, religion and local and personal news. Originals in the possession of Miss Dillard. Callaghan Family, Papers, , C 1 folder The papers contain envelopes sent to various members of the Callaghan family; receipts. Cameron, John F. Cameron was a real estate broker and owner of a real estate company in Kansas City.

The papers include newsletters, sermons, and materials pertaining to the Catholic and Redeemer Presbyterian Churches. Additionally, the collection contains maps, plans, brochures, and books relating to Cameron's real estate activities. A recommendation of Miss Rebecca E. Jones as a teacher. Thank you for renewal of a bill. Mentions visit to Bath and return to London for meeting of Parliament.

Campbell, E. Taylor, Papers, , C 1 folder The papers contain genealogical information, with photographs, compiled by a descendant of the Hawkins and Taylor families who settled in Knox County, Missouri, about Canfield, Henry Titus, Letters, K 0. Capehart, Ruth, Collection, , R 2 volumes This collection consists of two journals kept by separate authors.

Since the surname "Raff" appears in both volumes, there is probably a connection between the authors, but the exact relationship is not known. Capito, George G. The eight volumes cover her life from Small World's drafts f. Drafts for In the Fullness of Time f. The collection also includes articles on St. Genevieve, education, family and the St. Louis League of Women Voters. An appointment book, a family genealogy, and newsclippings comprise the rest of the collection.

Carpenter Family, Papers, , C 0. Most of the early letters are to the Carpenter family of Boone County from relatives in Virginia. Carpenter, Sam, Letters, C 1 folder Written from Alleghany County, Virginia, discussing politics and local and family affairs. Carr, Charles L. Includes the personal and professional papers of Carr: correspondence, printed materials from various organizations, files related to the streetcar company and the Missouri State Supreme Court.. Carr, Dabney , Papers, , C 1 folder The papers consist of a funeral notice of Dabney Carr, judge of the Virginia Court of Appeals, , and resolutions of the judges, members of the bar, and officers of the Virginia Court of Appeals and the members and officers of the Virginia House of Delegates.

Carr, Will C. Louis, MO, Oct. Aron Elliott of Ste. Genevieve, MO. Original in possession of the University of Georgia. Carson, E. Carson, copied from original record in Savannah, Missouri.

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Includes names of bride and groom, date and location of wedding, payment received, and personal remarks. Material on early medicine. Letters, accounts, receipts, three pictures of Kit Carson's home in Colorado, and miscellaneous papers. Originals in the possession of Mr. Carstarphen, Lewis Henry , Papers, , C 2. Carstenson, Cecil C. Included are photographs and slides of both Cecil and Blanche's artwork. Also letters to various people, mostly family while Cecil was serving during World War II and scrapbooks covering most of their adult lives.

Entries include genealogical data, the costs of caskets, clothing, and other funeral expenses, and payments on account. There are records for , and Peter's, St. Joseph's, St. Stephen's Catholic Church in Monroe County. Records are incomplete. Caulk, Millie, Papers, C 8 folders Atherton family genealogical material. Cayce Family Papers R 0. Most of the items are addressed to or written by Ellis P. Cayce and family of Farmington, St. Included are bills of lading for goods shipped through Ste. Genevieve , family correspondence and business papers , and papers and correspondence with Firmin A.

Rozier regarding the St. Francois and Iron Mountain Road Company Cayce, Milton Pleasant, Record Book, ca. The item has been attributed to Milton P. Cayce because his name occurs most often therein. Genevieve, Missouri. The papers concern family news and business matters, and include the Civil War letters of Alexander H.

Chadwell, a Confederate soldier, and Joseph H. Leavenworth and N. Leavenworth regarding the lumber business in Mississippi in the s and s. Challis-Dysart Family, Papers, , C 0. Correspondence, family papers, articles, patents, photographs, sketches, kite diagrams, plans for Chanute's railroad bridge across the Missouri River Kansas City Bridge , and clippings.

Charno, Harriett F. Also included are photocopies of naturalization papers for Sam Schmiel and Clara Dorothy Silverstein. The book contains invitations to parties, notes and artwork by classmates and teachers, greeting cards, newspaper clippings, photographs and diary entries. Includes one issue of the Soldan High School Scribbage.

Program of dedication of William M. Chick post office. Childers, Martha Patton Collection, , K 9 folders Family papers of Childers, her mother Louise Childers, and sister, Virginia Childers containing correspondence, memorabilia, personal diaries, and other papers documenting the lives of these women. Chitwood, Seth, Papers, , C 3 folders Legal papers pertaining to acquisition of land; death of his father, Richard Chitwood; and grant from U.

Wills of Richard and Seth Chitwood. Papers dealing with disposal of property of Richard and Seth Chitwood to settle their estate. Choate Family Papers SP 0. Choate and his siblings, Aaron, Tom, and Elisabeth. Chouteau Family, Bible Excerpt, n. Gives place and date of birth and date of death. Chouteau, Auguste A. Goss for a lot in Florissant, MO. Christeson, Robert P. In addition, this collection contains Christeson's original wire recordings, audio tapes, and audio discs of fiddle tunes, jam sessions, fiddle contests, and other folk genres.

Includes anecdotes and legends of fur traders of the s and s. Rogers for Trenton postmastership, biographical sketch of Carrie Rogers Clark, and brief description of Trenton, Missouri. Clark, J. Riddle, Feb. Clark, Levi, E. Clark was born in Kentucky in and died in Clarkson Family, Papers, , C 0. Clarkson, his wife, Charlotte, and their children, originating from Ohio, Kentucky, St. Louis, and other locations, concerning family news and business matters.

Correspondence from friends and extended family members is also included. These papers include newspaper clippings related to Clay County, miscellaneous papers related to important events and people in the mids of Clay County, photographs, and a large genealogical scrapbook with small autobiographies in it. Claypool Family, Papers, CA 0. Clemons Family, Papers, , , C 0.

The letters describe farming and family life in the region. The papers also include a postcard, five photographs, and a menu and roster from Jefferson Barracks, MO, Army camp. Clemens, Samuel Langhorne, Genealogy, n. Clendening, Edwin McKaig Papers, , K 8 cubic feet Correspondence, speeches, programs and brochures, meeting minutes, clippings, and photographs, of Edwin Clendening, businessman and Secretary of the Commercial Club, forerunner of the Kansas City Chamber of Commerce.

Correspondence deals with a wide range of topics, both personal and relating to the work of the Chamber. Cleveland-Gillaspy Papers, C 0. Included are pages from the Jeffress family Bible and Cochran family photographs. Cockrell, Francis M. Stapp, June 7, , requesting permission to marry her daughter Arthusa. Cockrell, Monroe F. Coffee, John T. Coffee, who was from Dade County, MO. Also some Coffee family genealogy materials. The entries include notes on the weather and comments daily life, social events, and sickness in the community at Mine La Motte, 1 January —25 July Cohen, Jerome S.

Also includes Ray Morgan's notes and drafts for Cohen's biography. Cole, Mrs. Redmond S. Coleman, O. The collection also includes clippings and pictorial images regarding World War I and Coleman's diaries as a soil extension agent for the University of Missouri. Collett Family, Papers, , C 11 folders The papers contain genealogical material about the Collett family of Adair County, Missouri, including tax receipts, miscellaneous pamphlets and newspaper clippings, poetry and essays.

Archibald and his wife, Mary Ann Garrett, came to Missouri in The primary related families include Duncan, Shelton, and Zimmerman. Switzler in ; Mary Jane Royall Switzler's album of memories filled with prose and poetry. Collins, Elsie Guignon Collection, , K 0. Collins, Tom Papers, , K 0.

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Includes newspaper clippings, brochures, magazines, photographs and a phonograph record relating to Collins career. Colman-Hayter Family Papers, , C 0. Correspon-dence includes letters from William S. Hayter who was with General Stephen W. Colman and Abraham G. Hayter, soldiers in the Confederate Army. Community Christian Church Records, c. Conley-Miller Family, Papers, , C 5. Includes correspondence, business and legal papers, travel materials and miscellaneous.

Connelly, John, Papers, , C 7 folders Patent issued under act of Congress providing relief for losses in the New Madrid earthquake; certificates of title and transfer of land originally belonging to Wilson Cummings; oath of allegiance, ; report of losses to a raiding band; tax receipts. Connor, R. Requests ten sacks of flour.

Connelley, William Elsey, Letters, K 0. Connor, Thomas , Papers, , C 1 folder, 1 volume Connor's will and other papers connected with his estate. Lead and zinc ore register, , from Joplin, Missouri. Cook was a director, as well as some personal papers. The collection includes correspondence, estate papers, and genealogical records. There are also two farm diaries, Cooley, who was in Idaho prospecting for gold.

Reprinted in Carrollton Democrat, Cooper, Albert G. Cooper, Benjamin C. Cooper was apparently living in Fredericktown, Madison County, Missouri. Bertha Cooper was the president of over 25 clubs and service organizations in the Kansas City area. Copher and Stidham Family, Records, C 0. The volume contains both original records and transcriptions created by J. Coppage Family, Papers, , C 2 folders The papers of the Coppage family contain one letter, , written in Carterville, MO, from a young bride to her mother; correspondence between several members of the Coppage family living in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas, from to ; and miscellaneous items from the Civilian Conservation Corps, , and World War II, Coppaken and friends.

Corbin, Kenneth E. The family emigrated from Germany sometime around , coming to Missouri after via Pennsylvania and North Carolina. Corby Family, Papers, C 0. Joseph, MO, family: deeds, bills of sale for slaves, tax receipts, legal papers, stock certificates, Pony Express bills; and material on early St. Louis area. Record book of the Mercantile Company, ; bank book, ; volume of clippings concerning St. Joseph, The papers also include family letters, newsclippings, and miscellaneous items.

Cornett Family, Papers, , C 5. Letters, household and farm records, photographs, and other family papers, along with the early records of the Moore School near Linneus, document the social, cultural, and agricultural life of a northern Missouri family and the teaching careers of two of their daughters. Cornine, Mary E. Rawlings, Papers, CA Includes correspondence, photographs, diaries, notes, and other papers.

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Personal correspondence received by Kansas banker Luther M. Cortelyou, Jr. Corum, Robert W. Couch, May Bartee, Collection, CA 27 cubic feet Collection of family research files and obituaries of a professional genealogist from Marceline, Missouri, largely concerns Chariton, Linn, and surrounding counties.

Counts Family, Papers, , CG 0. The family papers contain complete, and incomplete, correspondence and writings from George, J. Julian , Henry, Joel, and Gilbert Counts, and others with unidentified authors. Photographs of identified and unidentified Counts' family, as early as , are present. Diplomas received by Gilbert and J. Counts marking completion of education are stored separately in oversized folders. Miscellaneous papers from the family bible, with two bible pages recording life events removed and transferred to the collection. Cowan Family Papers, SP 0. Cox, Araas B. Cox and include brief genealogies of many prominent families of the area.

Clair County, ; and miscellany. This is a companion collection to C, Daniel Family Papers. Genealogical information can be found in the information folder for that collection. Craig, Tolliver, Papers, CA 0. Includes one letter of , an autobiography, and miscellaneous notes. Also includes a transcription and commentary. Crain, Ada E. Crawford, Billie, Diary, , R 1 folder, photocopies This is a typescribed copy of a diary of an overland journey from St.

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The travelers included Billy Crawford, Alfred L. Gash, George Fain, their families, and a few neighbors. Related genealogical material is included with the diary. Creager Family Papers, R 0. These materials include photographs, land records, wills, and tax and insurance information.

Creamer, Benjamin H.

The collection includes family correspondence, obituaries and funeral home cards, election poll books, and records pertaining to Creamer's work with the Maries County office of the Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service and the Maries County Highway Commission. Creamer, Thomas Francis Papers, ca.

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Includes family photographs, correspondence, and papers relating to the Creamer family in Illinois and Missouri. The bulk of the collection concerns Her-mann Crede, who emigrated in ; other papers pertain to his brothers, Wilhelm who emi-grated in and Carl who emigrated in Much of the correspondence is in German; the business records are in English. Creighton, J. Gross in North Carolina to Eliza Money.

Receipt for a coffin and suit of clothes. Crittenden, Thomas Theodore , Letter, n. It includes a list of the counties which compose the 7th Congressional District of Missouri and an autobiographical sketch of Crittenden. After living briefly in Pennsylvania he brought his family to Washington County in the new state of Missouri.

There he acquired large holdings of land and became involved in farming, lead mining and smelting, flour milling, and the mercantile trade. His home and business activities eventually were established at Aptus, on Mineral Fork Creek about ten miles north of Potosi, the county seat. Today the Cresswell house and ruins of the lead furnace still stand and are owned by a descendent of George Cresswell.

Crockett, Lelah E. Includes photo cards of family members, holiday greetings, jokes, landscapes, and historic sites and buildings both in the U. Crosman, S. Campbell, St. Louis, business, and estate of Isaac Antaga. Cross, Asa Beebe Papers, , K 5 cubic feet Correspondence, diaries, photographs, financial and business records of Cross, an early Kansas City architect, and his immediate family.

Crotty, William L. In addition there are some newspaper articles not written by Crotty that give background on these topics, as well as some biographical information on Crotty, and his travels. Crum, George W. Crump Family Journals, , C 1 folder The collection contains extracts from the journals of the Crump and Dupuy families. Includes family record of Crump family, and sale bill of their belongings with list of items and amounts paid for each. Cullimore Family, Collection, , R 4 folders These are papers of the Cullimore family of journalists and outdoor writers.

The collection consists of correspondence between Donald B. Cummins Family Photographs, SP 0. Also included is some family correspondence, in the form of a letter and postcards, created from to Curd, Isaac , Papers, , C 1 folder Letters and papers of a Fulton, Missouri, doctor, politician, and member of the General Assembly in Originals in the possession of I.

Current, W.

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Sampson, Columbia, MO, from St. Post card sent by first air mail west of New York. Details about a box of books and periodicals that Current will send to Sampson. Dale Thomas Patton Papers, K 0. Department of Labor in Kansas City, Missouri. Included in this collection are letters of recommendation on behalf of Mr. Patton for the position of Deputy Director, correspondence, certificates, a military photograph of Dale Thomas Patton, travel expenses, employee records, pamphlets, a memoir of a World War II combat diver written by William J. Donath, and a U. Naval Aviation yearbook. Dalton, and other Dalton family members.

Dalton, Richard , Papers, C 1 linear foot Letters, receipts, speeches, newspapers, and pamphlets of a Ralls County politician. Included are business papers pertaining to the Ralls County branch of the St. Louis and Keokuk Railroad. Dalton, Walter William , Papers, , C 0. Dalton, Warren R. Collection largely consists of material pertaining to his writings, including research, correspondence, and drafts. Also includes some family material, including correspondence and miscellaneous papers of Walter William Dalton.

Damron, William, Papers, SP 0. They detail his certification as a Free will Baptist Minister, his calculations for mileage, notations for his sermons, and dates on which he preached. Daniel Family, Papers, , C 5 folders The papers of the Daniel family, of Osceola, Missouri, contain letters, diaries, newspaper clippings of family events, and photographs of family members. See information folder for brief genealogy of Daniel and Cox families. Daniel, Henry Clay , Papers, C 3 folders Biographical material, speech, notes, letters, scrapbook, and photograph.

Daniel, born in Kentucky, was a lawyer and spent much of his life in Cass County, Missouri. Daniel, Leander F. Letters primarily discuss family news. Darby, Harry Papers, ca. Daughters of the American Colonists, Missouri State Society Records, , K 5 cubic feet Scrapbooks containing newspaper clippings, photographs, programs, brochures, and other miscellaneous ephemera relating to the George Hull, the Osage, the St.

Louis, and the Captain John Hall Chapters. Dauma, Verlee, Collection, CA 24 cubic feet Research material of a Missouri professional genealogist, includes material related to the Chambers and Helmick families, and research guides, reference works, and other genealogical publications.

Davidson from her family. Four Civil War letters containing mostly family news; one letter concerning the death of Stout B. Images include family photographs, scenes of family vacations in Althea, Missouri, and on the North Fork of the White River. Davidson, James Franklin , Papers, , C 0. Davidson, Matthew P.

Davidson, Wesley S. Davidson and his family. It includes Davidson's civil war documents, some correspondence, records pertaining to family members and research correspondence. Davidson, William Lusk, Papers, , C 1 cubic foot The William Lusk Davidson papers contain records regarding Davidson's education, including primary, military academy, and college, as well as papers regarding his career as a civil engineer with the railroad. There are several records pertaining to Davidson genealogy and business information, as well as papers concerning the John Wilbourn Hobbs and Myrene Houchin Hobbs Civic Award.

Davis, Albert G. Davis, Amanda, Papers, C 0. Also included are some papers of his wife, Harriet Treash Davis Davis, Ernest A. Davis consist of letters sent by Davis to his mother Gertrude while he was in the army during World War I. Davis, Ilus Winfield Papers, , K cubic feet Mayoral, personal, and professional papers documenting Davis' political, legal, and civic contributions.

Davis is considered the most important Kansas City, MO mayor of the 20th century. Davis Family, Papers, C 3 folders Collection of miscellaneous papers, mostly bills and accounts of wheat and tobacco sales. Included is a manuscript history of Pike County, Missouri, written by Mrs. Ada Reid White; letters; newspaper clippings; pictures of St.

Davis Family Scrapbook, , C 1 volume The papers contain newspaper clippings of poems, editorials, feature articles, wedding and anniversary announcements, and obituaries, concentrating on Davis family members. Many of the clippings are taken from a Marshall, Missouri, newspaper. Some family photographs are included; others are in the State Historical Society Editorial Office photograph files. See also collection Davis, John, and William O. Colburn of Miller County and California, Missouri.

Davis, William Hornbuckle Papers, K 0. Collection consists mainly of Davis' letters, his diploma, and a program from the Davis Institute. Also includes genealogical material. Also letters to his brother Willie, Davis, Paul Grant , Papers , R Davis-Vandiver Family, Letters, C 1 folder Typed copies of letters from Clay and Ray Counties, Missouri, discussing family affairs, trouble with bushwhackers, and politics in Dawes Family Photographs, P 13 photographs Photos related to the Dawes family and related families.

Dawson, John T. Joseph, Missouri resident, dating to the s. The scrapbook includes clippings of obituaries, wedding announcements, and biographical notes from the Rolla and Licking newspapers. The collection is indexed. The letters concern wagons, horses, mules, "silver mineral," and the weather. Deane Jr. Includes correspondence, research notes, publications, conference transcripts, an FBI file on Indusco, manuscripts published and unpublished , clippings, and a military map drawn by Zhou Enlai.

Dees, Eliga and Mae , Letters, , R 0. Denny of Company C, 1st Missouri Cavalry. The correspondence includes letters from relatives in California, Nevada, and Wisconsin, Denny, James H. Denny, a lawyer in Glasgow, MO, who was prosecuting attorney of Howard County and treasurer of Pritchett College, and was at one time in legal partnership with Thomas Shackelford. Also a few letters of his son, Thomas S. Dent, Lester B. Probably Mary met Kilty when she was visiting there like her sister.

Margaret McCann, married, age , died Pea. Twp of "Brain Fever" on June 21, ' James McCann, widower, age 92, died in St. James Twp on Feb. A cooper by trade - learned the trade in Ireland. Came from County Mayo - 1 st at Mackinac Island. From Boston he went to N. He was on B. He appears 89 times in the Dormer Book. According to Roland it was in the early '80s that he either bought or built a cooper shop - this was burned by enemies. Father Gallagher preached against him as an "outsider" and said "don't deal with the Mackinac Jew, but with the honorable John Day. This was when Father Gallagher called him a "Mackinac Jew.

In he built the store that I knew as "McCann's. The upstairs of McCann's store was planned as an "opera house" but was never completed as such. In Father Zugelder had a great St. Patrick's Day play there. I wonder if his wife Catherine Murray was related to Father Murray, whose family must have been from St.

Ignace, as his father is said to have owned the ground where Father Marquette is buried. He would have been 23, but this could be James McCann his biog says 1 st trip Marguerite says she [ Margaret McCann ] was an extremely kind woman. When the people [ came ] from the country to trade at the store she always had the women in to tea. The 2 families must have come together, as Margaret was 6 years old in Thomas, 4. This information is from the Charlevoix births. This must be Johnnie's brother that died in Denver of T.

He could have a son of James "Old Man" brother Patrick who was living with his brother in , age Also - he says he came from Canada in His wife Rose from Ire. That would have been when she was Don Father had a Rose. They came to B. Thomas McCann, age , died St. Correspondence with Dormer these are carbon copies of Dormer's letters to Mike. Evidently Mike bought part of the Point from Dormer:. I would advise you to be quite careful in making a disposition of any part of the Point I sold you.

I think I should get more than enough to pay the taxes that I have been paying for a number of years out of these places. I suggested the propriety of you attending to the collection of all rents There ought to be something coming from them. For the past five years I expect all tenants to pay something. Would it not be well to see what you can do in the way of selling them some lots? You know you will have an interest in every one that is sold. Gibson, Owen Gillespie. I sincerely trust that you will not be foolish enough to give the Government any part of the Point I sold you, but reserve it for business or hotel purposes, which will make the rest of the place much more valuable than the Life Saving Station would.

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