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My Dad was one of the kindest, calmest people there are. I rarely heard him raise his voice. He quietly walked through life, causing as little chaos as possible.

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It robbed him of h What small changes that you've made have catapulted you into another life? A friend's life is blossoming as I write this. She suffered through years of absolute hell. In and out of the hospital, living in terrible conditions, feeling alone.

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Through it all I There's nothing like a week of feeling sick to make you realize your mortality. Even a time of just having a severe cold, feeling lousy, running a fever, being lethargic, makes you realize how much we all take our health for granted. As the days of the calendar slip past the 6th anniversary of my mom's passing, I find myself remembering so many of the small things about her and our family life.

Playing cards, laughing, things she cooked. A smell can bring it all back, brownies baking; or a sight Get The Scoop.

I want to be a Writer. June 19, The Ripple Effect.

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June May April March February January December November Recent Posts. Read More. Here are just a few … People like being around positive people! Clients will look forward to seeing us when we walk in the door, or talk to us when we call on the phone, if we are always bringing a positive attitude with us! Maintaining a positive attitude is huge as we work to develop the resiliency we need to deal with the inevitable ups and downs of our sales career!

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Keeping a great outlook day in and day out will help us see possibilities clearer as opposed to the blinders our crumudgeon competitors seem to have because of their lousy attitudes! Work, and life, are just a lot more fun as they should be if we stay positive! Our Sales Tool of the Week — This week we are taking a look at how important Linked In can be as a tool to grow our business and the 3 simple things we need to do to get the most from this awesome social media resource.